Theological and polemical writings
'For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;
Casting down reasonings and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God,
and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ'
2 Cor.10.4-5

An introductory foreword to the faculty of Jannes and Jambres (a.k.a. academic theological faculties across the globe)

The Divine Name

The glorious Son - the Fountain of Life  (As a pdf file)

The Eternal Generation of the Son
(by kind permission, an expression of Nicene Orthodoxy by Malcolm Watts, ©BLQ 2010).
My only minor qualm is in the specific interpretation of Psalm 2.7 over the sense of 'this day',which I take not to refer here primarily to the eternal generation of the Son, for He is always the Son, in this sense,
but to the secondary and derivative begetting from the dead, which took place at the resurrection.

John Owen on Hebrews 5.5 (pdf file)

Images of Christ - idols and a great curse  (As pdf)  (In Arabic as pdf)

A short survey of scripture teaching on the Canon of Scripture  Errors of Bruce Metzger examined – Clement of Rome and the canon    (As a pdf file)

The blueprint reexamined - some thoughts on the Lord's Table  and on Church membership

The absolute simplicity of God’s essence – an alien philosophical intrusion from NeoPlatonism into scriptural teaching on the Godhead 

Simplicity -an error common to all three monotheistic faiths - scriptural critique

Augustine and the theophany at Mamre

John 1:18 - a profound corruption in many modern translations and ancient MSS

Should Christians plan to borrow? (pdf)            The iniquity of interest   (pdf)

The impropriety of Christian oaths

Some thoughts on a desirable pastor

Jephthah's vow - a real sacrifice and its implications for Calvary

Is Michael the Archangel a manifestation of the Messiah or not? (As a pdf file)

Who wrote Psalm 89, and why it matters?

Did King David 'torture' the Ammonites?

A short critique of Hendriksen's 'Israel in prophecy'   (As a pdf file)

A summary of John Owen's view(s) on land covenant

Hair coverings a scriptural command for women at prayer (Michael Marlowe's helpful exegesis) 
Though he lacks proper caution about ancient (e.g. Clement of Alexandria, sn. 11) and now Islamic misuse of the face veil, under the misguided profession of preserving modesty

Theological connection with the increasing prevalence of sexual perversions

Is Doctor or Rabbi a legitimate title for a preacher? 

Some comments on Andrew Bonar on the intriguing event in Leviticus 10.16-20

A reconstructed Jerusalem Temple the literal seat of Antichrist

Shipwrecks - Wroclaw's EST,
WEST logo, Affinity and the FIEC

Parachurch Plague

The antinomian tendency in centred set missiology

Zelophehad and Messiah's genealogy (As a pdf file)

How did Boaz press his case for Ruth's hand?

Rambam and Hellenic leaven

A response to the Elephant and the Suit (pdf) The original piece is here

Converted polygynists?

Some thoughts on supercession and replacement theology - what has been replaced?

To whom was the promise of the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31 primarily made? Israel and Judah or all the world?

Some fragmentary thoughts on the covenants

Musings on the Sabbath

Submission to ungodly powers - how far for a believer?

Some suggested scriptural characteristics of the Antichrist

6 intriguing, complex acrostics of HaShem in Esther: 'I conceal'
The fifth (and sixth) in 7.5 is a five word palindrome which allows the 4 word acrostic for 'I AM' to be read in both directions. Is there a seventh?
More acrostics from Bullinger's work, including the famous double direction acrostic in Psalm 96.11.

Nettelhorst: Reflection on the gender of Wisdom and of the Holy Spirit (Archived here)

Is the Archangel Michael the Lord Jesus Christ?

Were the two angels who warned Lot a Theophany?

Stephen's Sanhedrin Speech


A scattering of pearls - some treasures from the early church

Polycarp's prayer - an inspiring example of martyrdom in old age

The Cathedral of Confessions - the 'Athanasian' Creed

A glorious view of the paradox of Christ's person - Gregory of Nazianzen

On the depth of God's incomprehensibility - John of Damascus