Is Evolution accurate science or concealed humanistic propaganda?

'For this they are willing ignorant of...'



Spot the difference
Sedimentary rock at Mt St HelensSedimentary rock at Grand Canyon
Formed in seconds-minutesFormed in 'millions of years'

Rapidly deposited strata at Mt St HelensGrand Canyon strata
Mount St Helen's a powerful example of dramatically quick geological event that looks ancient, and produces massively anomalous dating results.

Ape-human mythology
Mutation failure
Dating and the age of the Earth or Universe
Evolution and rampant Fraud
Miscellaneous Design marvels
Endogenous Retroviruses
Evil fruit of a false doctrine
Personal Contributions

An excellent resource for answers to much of the nonsense spouted by supporters of evolution

An impressive contribution from CMI:Evolution's Achilles' heel

Expelled! The full film on youtube - this may violate copyright,
the original film website has now expired.

Ape-human mythology

Why ape-human evolution is fairy tale speculation.

How similar are the chromosomes of man, chicken and chimps? (Nature)
'Indeed, at 6 million years of separation, the difference in MSY [male-specific region of Y] gene content
in chimpanzee and human is more comparable to the difference in autosomal gene content in chicken and human, at 310 million years of separation.' [emphasis mine]

The myth of 1%

Human evolution - evolved - the mp3 sound file of a fascinating presentation by Dr Emil Sylvestru

Has Satan made a monkey out of you?

Painted neanderthals - cosmetics for 'ape-men'!

Troubled by giants? Look at this lengthy list of detailed newspaper reports of giant skeletons - often with anomalous skeletal findings like six digits or double rows of teeth. 

Mutation problems

Mendel's accountant has shown very nicely why evolution is running in reverse.

Dating and the age of the Earth or Universe

Starlight travel and the antiquity of the Universe

101 solid reasons to reject 'deep time'

And recently beautifully preserved octopus fossils in Lebanon

Credulousness stretched to breaking point - 64 Myr old?
It's more than cracked dinosaur bones that smell rotten.

Mary Schweitzer

Mary Schweitzer
T rex proteins

Elastin, laminin, and collagen molecules isolated from soft tissue from T rex fossil bone, 'closer to chickens and ostriches, than to crocodilians'.
Osteocyte cells have also been found. Their discovery resulted in the sacking of their discoverer, when he pointed out their implications!

Coal is excellent testimony to a massive, global flood, and the serious defects in deep time theories.

Now DNA and also ten separate Jurassic and Cretaceous C14 dated samples show high rates of concordance and modest spread for very young dates.

The 2012 AOGS - AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly see fit to remove both the abstract and the talk from their program!
Here was the original talk on the program

Teddy bear A fossilised bear?

Geology and abundant evidence of catastrophic events
More remarkable evidence of the Deluge from recent finds in Mongolia - still not too late to take off the blinkers!

The age of the rocks

Miscellaneous Design marvels

The exquisite programming of life - far subtler than the most advanced intelligence agency or military computing systems

Nanocathedral ! - mindless origins or a mindless theory of origins?

DNA deeper and deeper levels of complex design.

William of Ockham would ruthlessly apply his razor to Evolution's myth making.

It doesn't seem possible - new realms of aerodynamics explored by the bee

Fig 1    Leading edge vorticesMoments before landing    Fig 2
Fig.1. The leading edge vortex (LEV) sheds from a translating model insect wing, regardless of its sweep angle, whereas it remains stably attached when the wing revolves. The LEV is visualized at Reynolds number Re=110 and 1400 with small air bubbles released at the leading and trailing edges of the wing. The distance (s) traveled by the wings is given in chord lengths c at the radius of gyration Rg. (A) LEVs are unstable on swept wings, shown for 40° sweep at {alpha}=36° and Re=1400. (B) The LEV is also unstable on the same wing without sweep. (C) Revolving the same wing results in a LEV that remains stably attached, shown for clarity at Re=110 and s=8c, where s is the distance traveled in chord lengths. (J Exp Biol. July 2009)   Fig.2. The astonishing details of bee touchdown - sophistication that vastly outsmarts a helicopter. (J Exp Biol. Dec. 2009)

Some other fascinating characteristics of bee communication -
is blunt natural selection capable of engineering this, when man still can't get a million miles near!
There is none so blind as the man who will not see.   And there's so much more to bees!

Retina is better backwired  - Dawkins' hopeful prejudice notwithstanding

Facilitated variation - the quiet and unnoticed demise of neo-Darwinism

Evolution and rampant Fraud

Evolution and fraud are common bedfellows.

Jerry Bergman details much more in a new, full work in 2018
                                fraud National Geographic lies too.

Yet more evidence of pervasive evidence-tampering and data screening with fossils

Soft pedalling the truth - yet another huge obstacle
for those committed to the pagan mythology of deep time evolution.

Rational or rabid? How scientifically do Darwinists behave towards their opponents?

Just a handful of cases of the deliberate silencing of critics of evolution - to protect the sacred cow!

How evolution harms good science

An hour's fuel for witness, and agony for idolators of Mother Nature.

Widespread fraud and data skewing in evolutionary anthropology - a sink of iniquity

The greatest hoax on Earth - an exposure of the weakness and dirty tactics used by some proponents of neo-Darwinian evolution - highly recommended reading.

Finger prints of scientific fraud - surprise, surprise at the discipline involved (again).

Genetic entropy (increasing disorder) not evolution is the general rule - evolution flies in the face of genetic gravity!

Flight from reality - the fairy tale of evolution of the cell(abiogenesis)

Behold, the evolution of a talking snake in front of our very eyes?

Evil fruit of a false notion

Hitler's primary source of inspiration
Charles Darwin

Evolutionists red in tooth and claw - Dawkins' murderous call to abort all Down's children.
This man should be in prison. It is of a piece with his previous eugenics and that of the Nazis and other radical evolutionists before.

Taking Genesis seriously is a basic Christian belief, not a secondary issue.

Personal Contributions

A response to Darwin's challenge (a pdf file, © CMI Australia 2005)

Richard Dawkins' philosophical reply

A personal response to Shirley Tilghman’s 2005 George Romanes Lecture

The neo-Darwinist’s prayer (satirical doggerel)

Endogenous Retroviruses

Endogenous retroviruses and evolution   (© ARJ, 2009)

(Some background on this old chestnut)

More on ERVs and the question of their support for common descent here.

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