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Dan Hannan hits the nail on the head again: we're addicted to craziness by bailing out Greece and the Euro

More proof if ever it were needed that the evil of radical Islam is nothing to do with race.

Sheer farce - the rank hypocrisy of the UN humans rights council and the US administration      A Theatre of the Absurd - The UN masterfully surveyed

The Sharia council welcome Baroness Cox' enlightened initiative to curtail Sharia in Britain by claiming, 'Domestic violence is just as condemned in Islam as it is in the English Legal System'. Muslim women who know the Qur'an and Muslim practice in the Sunna and reality may well ask who stands by the truth.

The EU's new initiative to include, involve and advance sexual perversion amongst its youth.
(p.3, courtesy PN)
“Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities ... Young people with fewer opportunities are young people that are at a disadvantage compared to their peers because they face ... Social obstacles: young people facing discrimination because of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation....young people with limited social skills or anti-social or risky sexual behaviours”

Northern Syria becomes the new Congo - unprecedented levels of  barbarism by the Syrian army - according to credible reports: helicopter gunships against  crowds, targetted attacks on children, tanks destroy whole villages, snipers used against funerals, gang rape, scorched earth policy, substantial army defections
- and the world does nothing but whine mutedly, whilst Egypt, Libya and Tunisia received round the clock coverage
- Russian and Iran's interests in Syria are the main reasons for this.

Salwa Mutairi calls for reimplementation of her vile prophet's sex slavery practices - the problem of pretending that a philandering warlord is a pious apostle. Report in local press.   Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim Christian comments.
Of course, Mutairi's only asking for recognition of the sinfulness that is already widespread within Muhammadanism.

Islam still both sanctifies and practices child slavery as much if not more than ever.

Iranian opposition sources think Iran now has nukes and long range missiles capable of carrying them. Clinton, Bush and Obama have failed to prevent global catastrophe, whilst they had the opportunity (the Iraq war has not helped).

Paedophilia with impunity on a scale which rivals the Vatican in Islamist madrassas - yet more testimony of the evil roots of a fertility cult
An insight from Rabbinic Jewish sources into just how devastating child abuse can be - where the problem also prevails.  Every community needs to be vigilant of insiders too.
Very practical advice to prevent abuse - recognising and dealing with sin at home or the congregation- from the same source. (20min videos)

Relate: The war on drug abuse is being lost - so let's give in? What next the war on disease, on crime, on poverty? Spineless cowards and facilitators.

The biggest Government April debt on record - where is honest, vigilant journalism in the UK?

The spider's web - the Mumbai massacre, Pakistani intelligence (ISI) and Lashkar-i-Taiba  Further testimony an ISI officer was directly coordinating the attacks

5 years for the 'blasphemy' of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ in Algeria

Confirmation the Vatican and the Red Cross helped thousands of Nazi war criminals to flee justice

What is Zionism? A different perspective

What every Western citizen should see once. Obsession: Radical Islam Against the West - Full Version

Mosab Hassan Yousef - 'son of Hamas' - goes rotten.

What we teach our children is what we really believe - why the PA is lying through its teeth and is not much different from Hamas.

Bahrain imprisons its doctors and nurses for doing their duty
-  outraging international medical ethics.

The horror of North Korea - a diet of rats, grass, worms and rats. Amnesty International's latest report on its enlarging slave camps - many of its inmates are Christians, and only because of their faith.
BBC report.
North Korean child

OBL: straight to Hell, despite his protectors at the Pakistani ISI, with a large, angry reception of victims and ex-supporters awaiting him.
Hamas, Al Azhar and the Muslim Brotherhood revealingly express their anger too. The real war has just begun, but the end of Mohammedanism is just a matter of time.
'Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:
Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.
Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked;
For there shall be no reward to the evil man; the candle of the wicked shall be put out.' (Prov.24.17-20)

4/6 'Blood was everywhere', Syria's darkness deepens as the Suuni-lead rebellion grows in Hama and Homs. Video from Daraa (disturbing images).
Why the rebels are burning images of  Hizbullah's Nasrallah in Damascus

The total death toll is almost certainly in several 1,000s. Bashar fights for his life, regime come to the precipice's edge.
The Rome-linked Maronite church in Lebanon and Syria vigorously supports the regime.
Syria's hypocritical and blood-stained backers in the UNHRC
Bangladesh, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Gabon, Malaysia, Mauritania, Pakistan, and surprise, surprise the Russian Federation (?? alias Gog,chief prince of Mesech) - 
all voted no to a condemnation of Syria's massive slaughter of its own citizens, the overwhelming majority protesting peacefully,
whilst in the past no less than 40  resolutions have been passed against Israel for targetted actions against Palestinian guerillas.

An Ethiopian evangelist brutally murdered, his pregnant wife beaten -  names at the UK Ethiopian embassy to email, briefly, precisely, politely but firmly requesting investigation. (ICC)
You might wish to start with His Excellency, Berhanu Kebede, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. (Incidentally the consular email has a misspelling of embassy in it)

European citizens are also war criminals in Misrata -  Polish, Belgian, British, French and Greek nationals-  will they be arrested and tried on return?

Islam's agenda at work again in Somalia - the martyrdom of another Christian refugee from its darkness into Messiah's Light.
Soul by soul they're losing the battle, the power of the bullet is weaker than the steel of conscience.

More unrestrained wickedness in 'liberated' Egypt - the death of two feuding Muslims blamed on innocent Christian bystanders - an old woman thrown from a 2nd floor balcony. (AINA)

First amendment scrapped for now, not to offend guess who.

A political sheep amongst wolves - ironically if this brave Egyptian blogger was a religious Copt he'd likely be anti-Zionist.

Iran's leadership has plans for an imminent apocalypse. Here's the translated video. Iran plans and prepares for a new regional war.

Selective Western morality - why no no-fly zones and drones in Darfur? - is it lives or oil that counts with Western policy makers?

Obama has bypassed the Constitution - a technical but highly significant and dangerous precedent (CG)

An impending US financial collapse seems very likely -  plummetting debt, first widespread state and city defaults since 1930s and massive money printing lead to USD being deserted by IMF?
(the idea of profiting from others' misfortune recommended in the video seems not only evil but extremely dangerous)

A common problem for Egyptian Christian women - widely testified to and again evidence of Islam's roots in Baal/Ashtaroth worship.

Hany - the story of a courageous Copt  (ICC)

(I abominate false images of Christ and the icons of Mary and George - this is the tragic root of Coptic weakness. The glitzy song at the end defiles the martyrs it seeks to represent.)

Shoaib Assadullah freed!Shoiab Assadullah
The background: an extraordinary courage in the face of death - another Christian in the lion's den in Afghanistan

At least 60 churches burned by rampaging Muslims in North Nigeria - expressing dissatisfaction with the democratic process, shari'a style -
pray for them - the Muslims that is - the real Christians are already safe.

Diversity trumps public health - homosexual blood donations to be authorised - despite sexual histories frequently being inaccurate and erroneously understated.
2% of the population are responsible for more than 80% of new infections, according to figures from the Health Protection Agency, HIV is rapidly rising in W Europe.

Introducing the Karen: Forgotten but not Forsaken

I do not endorse the form of worship employed by the brethren in this video, but their courage and grace is deeply challenging - pray for them.

The distinction between clean and unclean - murdering children and self defence - is it really a mobster's cycle of violence, or one side keen to see civilians dead on both (yes, both) sides the other only perpetrators.

A reminder of what's going on daily in Sderot and elsewhere. 750,000 citizens in bomb shelters.  The BBC amongst others is not giving the whole picture (again).
Bus at kibbutz Sa'adkibbutz Sa'ad busReuters
An exceptionally courageous man of conscience.

What was that Palestinian engineer, seized in the Ukraine, up to? - Mossad's side of the story - 'Dr. Rocket' and the 'Rocket Godfather'.

Rumours of serious trouble brewing in Bahrain - the seeds of a regional Shi'ite-Sunni war - Saudi Arabia vs Iran and Iraq.

Dearly beloved foes

How would you react if this happened in your neighbourhood? Sderot in Israel has received 100s of such missile attacks, and Hamas is starting up again, with Grads on Ashkelon and TA's suburbs,
 perhaps to get Syria off the hook. Israel deploys the Iron Dome, but it's only partially effective. More important video testimony here.

'This is arguably the best account that has ever been given of the nature of philosophical thought.'
Ground-breaking insight into the depths of the Documentary Hypothesis, (RPP). For readers concerned to read weightier material, I recommend this.

The testimony of a 12 year old princess, the daughter who discovered the ghoulish attack at Itamar, Tamar Fogel.  (RPP)

A plea for inward purity - the only path of enduring peace

Hamas and the torture of women journalists - Islam and liberty of the fairer sex.
                                                       Courtesy of Ronny Gordon
          and JPBy Ronny Gordon, kind permission JPost.

World beating corruption in the heart of Brussels.  By the way, bailing out Portugal is ILLEGAL, not just unwise and shortsighted.

Desecrating God's Word and incarcerating the saints - blasphemous Saudi religious police (mutawiin) invite God's wrath on their country.

The Libyan (and Saudi) response to accusations of violent rape - Iman Al-Obeidi - prosecute the complainant.
Iman Al-ObeidiAP

Pakistan: Shot dead after a prayer meeting, by abusive religious murderers (more from CDN) - of guess which persuasion? More Cain and Abel.
Yunus Ilyas and familyBF

From Teheran with love, advanced Chinese anti-ship missiles for Hamas, with Farsi manuals, intercepted at sea. Iran has again declared war.

The horror of the Fogel family slaughtered with knives, whilst asleep in bed (the pictures here are extremely graphic),
Hamas calls it, 'a heroic operation', Fatah's al-Aqsa claims the atrocity, then denies it. As usual, sweets handed out in Gaza.
'Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days' Ps. 55 . 23.
“The children were literally slaughtered,” an IDF officer said, describing the scene, including the children’s toys spilled out on the floor and covered in blood. “This is one of the most brutal attacks we have ever seen."
Udi Fogel Yoav aged
            11yrA7Elad Fogel aged 4yrs(JP, Yesha council)Ruth FogelHadas Fogel aged 3 monthsA7
Your sin will find you out - 2 alleged murderers nabbed

Much blame lies with the British CFO, DFID, UNWRA and other evil bodies that pour in money but turn a blind eye whilst the most bloodcurdling incitement to violence continues from Kindergarten onwards.
Is this motivated by love or hate to the Palestinians (let alone Israelis)?
Hamas' education

A now classic shot of the Palestinian physician tortured in Libya confronting the Libyan chair of another UN committee - her shocked reaction as he discloses his identity is eloquence itself.

Another glorious victory for the heroic mujahideen of NW Pakistan - 15 schoolgirls attacked with grenades and bullets.

British High Court outruns Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim - Christian couple presumed unfit to adopt - see CC for details.
- even the wicked cities of the plain didn't legislate against godliness like this - the BBC shills for Satan again and paves the way for judgement.

Pressure on Christians grows in godless Iran,

The horrors of Laos's savage ruthlessness and the believers' resolve. (CDN)

A perverse administration absurdly pretends the US Constitution itself protects the 'marriage' of sodomites - massive Divine judgement is now inevitable in the US
'The land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants' (Lev.18.25).

'Every Muslim should be a terrorist' - Zakir Naik - an Islamist defended by iEngage - the dubious Parliamentary liaison group for promoting preventing Islamophobia.
Muslims really have got a problem with facing up to their own realities, let alone the rest of the world.

'Today is Saturday, tomorrow will be Sunday'
So what is the connexion between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazis? A detailed analysis, from SWC.

A country of gropers and leerers - the corrupt legacy of Egypt's fertility cult.

What happened when a Rabbinic Jew found the True Rabbi.
Fulfilling the Great Commission in Israel. Pray for the Lord's mercy on His covenant people, today as enslaved as ever to lawlessness.

The Mother of Parliaments now little more than a talking shop? - who voted for this.

An urgent call for action on proliferating UK brothels (local police forces seem often just to wink at them, esp in London). One schoolgirl's horror story.

The mystery of iniquity - sanctifying evil by perverting the Law - the absurd wickedness of the 'marriage' of homosexuals. Even Sodom and Gomorrah didn't provoke Divine fury so flagrantly.

Blueprints for a tragic and desolate fourth Temple

The cruel wickedness of sodomy extends far beyond sexual sin.

Iranium - the illuminating movie that the Iranian government has threatened violence in Canada to prevent screenings.

How Lebanese octopus fossils spoil the plot - again  - yet more evidence for a young earth and a global not local deluge.
( eight arms, suckers, ink, gills, mouth, eye capsule and more; authors: it 'pushes back the origins of the modern octopus by tens of millions of years')

Jerusalem - the burdensome stone for all people - a prophecy from c.518 BC  

Buddhist state barbarism

Hideous and shocking serial infanticide in US - Kermit Gosnell severed viable babies' spinal cords - in the name of 'choice' - the Molech of our generation.

A lengthy but fascinating dispute between two Jews - Toviah Singer (an Orthodox Rabbi) and Michael Brown (a Messianic believer).

Christianity Explored (CE) joins the ecumenical bandwagon in Poland
The idolatrous mass, which God detests, was celebrated at the inauguration meeting (picture in first link).
CE is sponsored by at least two Roman Catholic organisations there (1, 2 see links for supporters)and does not contain a distinctively evangelical statement of faith in Polish, unlike its English page.  Incidentally, CE and its daughter courses are already sponsored by Roman Catholic book sellers and churches in the UK, suggesting its content is deemed
wholly compatible with or at least adaptable to the Gospel according to Rome.

Yet another Muslim rapist in Pakistan escaping with impunity (so far) because his victims were Christians  More documented examples here  And another - this time the police are the culprits.
A similar phenomenon in the UK, turbo-fuelled by insanely shortsighted, amoral and profoundly anti-Christian promotion of sex, in what passes for British 'education'.

'An act of self-restraint'. £9 million annual bonus, Barclays boss, Bob Diamond reports the Daily Mail - the root of this rotten tree lies in John Calvin, though we remain deeply indebted to him for much else.
Reminiscent of Luke 12.20. (I refuse to link to the DM because of its lewd and semi-pornographic website).

EMF's recent Polish 'skiffle' - Baal worship, by another name.

A graphic illustration of why radical Islam is utterly doomed - a plea for violation of the Divine covenant (v.35-7) - in effect they're asking God to lie.

Strikes across Pakistan calling for death to Christians (usually falsely) accused of blaspheming the old blasphemer.

Anti-Zionist organisations in London

'They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.' Ps.83.4

More gallows humour from Israel's Latma.

In the most rivetting Queen's speech for decades, the UK's Monarch commemorates the coming 400th anniversary of a singular translation of the Holy Bible, the preface of which properly describes the impact of the Reformation thus, 'the truth (which hath given such a blow unto that Man of Sin [the Papacy] as will not be healed)' and 'if Popish persons..., whom [ordinary people] they desire still to keep in ignorance and darkness'.

The Queen's name interestingly comes from the Hebrew expression, 'My God is the oath' or (less plausibly) 'Sware (f.s.imp.) the oath'.
Strange that she derives her name from the only ally she steadfastly refuses to visit.

A speaker from Sodom, John Bercow, the man who loves to whip whips and broke the back of I.D-S. over adopting rights for homosexuals by defying the 3 line whip,
is now President of ParliOut, a new Parliamentary committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual 'equality'
 - egregious and unhealthy sins that should, along with adultery, be recriminalised.

Just in case you had forgotten - what really happens when Muslims start searching for Truth.

A small foretaste of Hell on earth - North Korea (video) - where cannibalism, massive vagrancy and rising suicide rates have been reported. Yet the Lord is at work.

The future is here, even in unbelief,  Jews are news. Divestors beware!  What a divestor should consider.


Apart from the most serious one, another obvious problem with the Niqab.

A fascinating insight into the blinkers placed on Turkey's people by the AKP
Atrocious wickedness in the guise of defending a dubious prophet - what kind of tree bears such fruit?    President Zardari considers a pardon, but the wolves of J-i-I thirst for her blood.
The perfidious murder of Governor Taseer Saleem turns up the heat.
Asia Bibi           Baying for bloodAP

First Jewish marriage on the Temple Mount in 2 millenia?  Romantic thrill, but a glimpse into a very dangerous future.

Even allowing for attempts at deliberate polarisation, Anjem Chaudhary's words about senior Muslims ring all too true -
the most eloquent response to this would be action now by Muslims in mosques to tackle and prevent jihadis before they drag them further into crimes against  God's law
- but their prophet's own example of manifold wickednesses will prevent that from happening. (JW)

A referendum on EU membership long overdue and essential - the only real reason held against it is that the outcome is inevitable!

A proper Jewish response to [rare] Jewish terror.  Ami Ortiz' latest progress - video. Much more here - trial begins.

Ami Ortiz miraculous recoveryCourtesy CDN

      Can God lie?        Official Muslim comment on taqqiya - sanctifying deceit.       Real holiness of Jewish martyrs by contrast.

('The following [sunni] exposition will ...demonstrate the existence of al-Taqiyya in the Qur'an, Hadith, the Prophet's ... custom, and the companions' custom')

Numerous examples of forked tongues - I can vouchsafe for its extraordinary ubiquity in professional practice in the Middle East

A light water reactor capable of Plutonium production for large numbers of nuclear  weapons - despite soft soap from the US.

                  Dead Sea

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