An appeal to brethren at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, which remains as yet unacknowledged

30/20/2010 11.29

Dear [brother],
Since I have also been copied in, perhaps I can add a comment?
At the very least, I think it's imperative Immanuel asks serious questions immediately about supporting a worker who lectures at a faculty frequently enough to be listed on its faculty website, a faculty documented in print and online for well over a year to have close links with senior Roman, liberal and Orthodox clergy and to be engaged, not in cobelligerency, but in ecumenical bridge building with Islam. Either he should be pressed to withdraw or the church if it has a concern for evangelical witness should withhold its support.
To argue that that he has an opportunity to 'present the Reformed Faith' whilst ministerially cooperating with heresy is a grave misjudgement and profoundly out of character with the New Testament pattern (Rom.16.17, Gal.1.8-9, Rev.2.14-16).
To address your questions to [a Polish brother, about whether the matter had been corroborated and raised first with the parties involved], from our perspective, the history of the way in which these matters have at each point been raised with the participants and only escalated in the face of persistent inaction is also given on the same site. Sadly, the history of interchurch dealings so far in this affair has been rather dismally in the wrong direction, it would be refreshing to see this addressed faithfully and thoroughly,
Yours in Christ,
Charles Soper

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