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'For to me to live is Messiah, ... to die is gain'     (Phil. 1.21)

A short introduction to the author

Some writings for perusal
Theological - Queen of the Sciences

The Sacred Name

The glorious Son - the Fountain of life
For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me the fountain of living waters,
and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.(Jer.2.13)

All the things you desire are not to be compared to her.

If the trumpet give an uncertain sound.. who shall prepare himself for battle?
Interpreting the Bible (hermeneutics) is a crucial matter, and a primary contemporary target for those spirits determined to defile the churches (and so far massively succeeding).

What is wrong with us? - a detailed, painful but accurate account by a master diagnostician
Courtesy of Wheaton College's excellent CCEL resource

An old rabbi's appeal to the Jewish people

The scall of Divine Simplicity

The seal of attestation - a short list of some key prophecies about the Messiah Yehoshua
'O fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have written!'
Though I dissent from literalistic view of last days advocated elsewhere on this site, like the literal rebuilding of Babylon.

The price of our peace   
The Church is not Israel

Seven serious spiritual wounds from sex outside of marriage - a vicious snare of our age
Modesty a sacred and rare jewel in our licentious age
Theological error at root of this tsunami of sexual perversions     How shall the youth cleanse his or her way? By taking heed according to Your Word. (Ps.119.9)

How can we know the Bible is indeed God's very word?

5 golden rings (now 10!) - precious promises for a young believer

The indestructible confidence of a small sparrow

Does the Bible translation we use matter? (local)    Serious heresy in many modern translations

Are images, plays or films of Christ a violation of the Second Commandment?    In Arabic

The Name of God (The Third Command and the Messiah)  

The Chief Root Of Wisdom

Worshipping the golden calf in the 21st Century - so called 'Christian' Hedonism
Banal, repetitive lyrics, devoid of deep spiritual meditation and a heavy focus on a sensual beat, lights and dance.
'But they set their abominations in the house, which is called by my name, to defile it.' (Jer.32.34)

Scenes of the snare of syncretistic decadence from Soul Survivor 2019 and the Big Church Day Out 2019.
Christians should never worship in the dark! (Acts 20.8) The Lord seeks worship in Spirit and Truth (Jn.4.23) not a performance of fleshliness and worldly sleaze.
'God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the holy, and to be held in deep awe by all them that are about Him.' Ps.89.7
'If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God defile; for the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.' 1 Cor.3.17

John Piper's promotion of nightclub churches (archive) - sadly this carnality is now wickedly promulgated in London by Co-Mission.
CoMission 19Revive 2019
'Wherefore come out from among them, and be separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.' (2 Cor.6.17)
For churches struggling with involvement with this pernicious influence, words of reproof and comfort here: Rev.2.12-29.

Is contemporary music a help or a hindrance to true worship? (David Cloud)
Worldly Music Enters the Church - a historical analysis. 'Doth not the ear try words? and the mouth taste his meat?' Job 12.11
The importance of discreet secondary separation. (Peter Masters)

The iniquity of taking interest - a 5 century old fountain of our global financial mess.    Should Christians or churches ever plan to borrow?
'Our laws are shamefully full of encouragement to credit' CHS
'Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth!
I have neither lent on usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; yet every one of them doth curse me.' (Jer 15:10)

Spiritual satnav    The neglected sword of Goliath

Molten gods of this age    Wounding the dragon within

Some other papers (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal)

newSome Ministry of the Sacred Word   new

 Novelties and contemporary

Sacked and branded unsafe for protecting small children from indoctrination in perversity.

Taking Genesis seriously is a basic Christian belief, not a secondary issue.

Aisha's story of horror and hope - very hard, but strong comfort.
Please don't give to Open Doors lightly - I am not confident they use money wisely.

Chinese Government goes full 1984 - cash for betraying Christians.

Though it doesn't suit the agenda, key realities about Hamas's vicious and despotic rule in Gaza.
How the people of Gaza have become Hamas' 'useful idiots'.

How the Hebrew language nearly died - again.

Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan devastatingly skewers UNHRC for hatred of Palestinians and appalling bias and extremely hypocritical partiality in descriptions of Israel's defences against Hamas.

Ofsted has become an LGBT propaganda front. It no longer serves the nation's children, it works to harm them in crucial respects.

Another astonishingly detailed corroboration of the OT narrative dug out of the dust of Jerusalem - almost certainly the bulla of Natan-Melech of 2 Ki.23.11. Where are the foolish scoffers now?

natan melech
Twitter (along with many other hateful, blinker sites) censors 'Unplanned' by blocking followers, and even US Ambassador calls it outrageous! This is why I left it in 2016, and now generally avoid FB and goolag when possible.
Film still nets in $6M on its opening day!
Ditch immoral manipulators!
Grenell's tweet

300 Christians in Nigeria massacred in Kaduna since Feb, some brutally raped, 6000 since beginning of Fulani terrorism,
but little Western coverage and virtually no government action in Nigeria, on account of its deeply corrupt Muslim president.
The Lord watches & will fully repay. Pray for mercy and healing.

Leah Sheribu still appeals for help

21st century martyrdoms - some are quite gruelling, all reflect the glory of Christ's work.

The Met Police spokesman has been less than truthful on a number of occasions about the arrested dentist preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi.

Hamas shows its real colours - and live fires on protestors in Gaza

Persecution intensifies in Iran - pray for the believers to be light in Evin prison - 'the torture factory'.
See Mehdi Dibaj's testimony below

Fulani militants have savagely massacred numbers of Christians similar to Boko Haram, but little Western coverage and virtually no government action in Nigeria, on account of its deeply corrupt Muslim president.
The Lord watches & will fully repay. Pray for mercy and healing.

Neglecting Tetanus vaccination may be fatal.

Words of hope - extract preached in central Croydon on 15th March,
the full version available here later

After the diabolical, terrorist massacre of ordinary Muslims in Christchurch, there will be serious repercussions for Christians throughout the Middle East and other Musim lands,
where this kind of horror has become sadly all too commonplace for both Muslims and Christians at the hand of Muslim terrorists.
There will be significant implications too for winning Muslims to Christ, and we need wisdom to respond firmly, justly and graciously. (2 Tim.2.25)
Our weapons are not carnal, but far more potent in dismantling sin's strongholds (of all kinds).

How did Boaz win the legal right to Ruth's hand?

Christian persecution is in full flood in the UK right now. Pray for Felix Ngole!

Again Youtube prejudiciously refuses to embed his testimony (see blank icon above)

Why May's deal should be opposed vigorously.
Dan Hannan politely and analytically surveys its weakness with deep experience of the EU negotiators.

Petition to speak for the unborn. UN's 63rd Commission on the Status of Woman.
Is killing her unborn infant a mother's right?
baby 8 weeks
Young people need the truth - Petition to protest lies spread by the abortionist Dept. of Education

Ofsted is the new LGBT P Minitrue.

Pressure builds on mainstream Chinese churches - a detailed list of Chinese state crimes on Facebook, accessed 12/3/19
(due to FB's dubious censorship of mainstream, anti-racist, anti-fascist conservative voices, denial of archiving sites, and siloeing of the net, I won't link to it here)

Young or Old Universe - was Christ either ignorant or lying?
The blasphemy of compromise with God haters.

The sentiment in Russian churches - 'Woe is me, that I sojourn in Mesech...My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace. I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.'Ps.120.5-7.

Retired dentist preacher, Oluwole Ilesanmi, arrested for declaring the Lord Jesus in London
The world's smallest baby boy safely sent home! 24 weeks again, this (and much older) is the age of the babies the Democrats in the US and many politicians in the UK plan to kill in (and some just out of) the womb with impunity.

See Aster's story - the North Korea of Africa - Eritrean persecution is intense and ugly, but the Lord overcomes in the weakness of His people.
Just ask Eyal! Pray for him and others like Aster.

Sadly, I can't now recommend supporting Open Doors - it is very ecumenical, often doesn't expose Islam's evils properly, and has a large central budget.

Unplanned receives an 'R' (>16 yr old) rating?!
Someone (including youtube it seems who will not allow it to embed!) wants to keep abortion's real implications quiet.
Abby's personal testimony.

Iran's judiciary's extreme anti-Christian bias

A severe example of persecution in Pakistan

A glimpse in hate incidents against Christ's people in Pakistan in 2018

Genesis or 'Beresheet'- the fourth nation to shoot for the moon is - tiny, giant-slaying Israel!
So far so good - with a Hebrew Old Testament aboard!
One of the few nations to sign a free trade agreement with the UK after Brexit.

Serious outbreak of measles fatalities from anti-vax campaign in Philipines

Aggressive and perverse government attempts to sexualise and pollute KG and primary age children fast tracked by Ofsted.

A plain warning about the campaign to cripple free speech and liberty of conscience by banning 'gay conversion therapy'.

Young or Old Universe - was Christ either ignorant or lying?
The blasphemy of compromise with God haters.

The sentiment in Russian churches - 'Woe is me, that I sojourn in Mesech...My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace. I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.'Ps.120.5-7.

Steve Chalke's new 'Open Church Network' tortures the Bible and history to encourage churches to embrace sexual perversion (and maim those wounded spirits who seek the healing of repentance and remission) - does the EA and FIEC approve of this wickedness?
God's own uncreated and eternal image is binary, not just the creatures He made.
Balaam's guide to 'How to corrupt your church'.
Transgender people should be welcomed, dealt with honourably and invited to hear about repentance and faith, as all sinners of all backgrounds are, but when the opportunity arises the Lord's holy standards and His proven power of transformation gently and firmly explained without compromise.
Employing an inaccurate pronoun is lying and encourages sin.

Lascivious Muslim males drive hijab-wearing in Vienna by kaffir women.
Sputnik is not often a reliable source, but this is a verbatim quote from an Austrian MP. Is this multiculturalism then?

Golden Calf
A manifesto for Nadab and Abihu - Dance music mainstreams in apostate 'churches' - roadmap to perdition.

Sodomy is extremely prevalent in the Roman Church, according to 'Inside the Closet' a 570 page documentation of the Church of Gomorrah.

Transgender fanatics already beginning to wrench apart families, after indoctrinating gullible and susceptible teens, using child 'safety' policies.

The delusion of transgender activism for some has resulted in serious physical and psychological harm.

Welby thinks the Reformation was a waste of time. Not for the first time, a senior Anglican cleric has reneged on the 39 articles and is unfit for office.

British police have serious priority problems, wimpy on rising knife crime, sexual assaults and murder, incredibly aggressive on transgender 'thoughtcrime'!

Amazon heads NCOSE's 2019 dirty dozen of corporate sponsors of porn, trafficking and sleaze. Google, Twitter and Netflix still prominent.

A curious pioneering example of Jewish Anti-Zionism and an intense love triangle at the heart of the British cabinet.

Molech and the death cult touches New York in 2019.

Pope Francis acknowledges that priests even recently have held nuns as sexual slaves, as has been well known for centuries to students of the extremely ugly and sinful history of the Roman 'Church'.

Gay 'conversion' therapy bans have much more to do with protecting homosexual dogma than they do with preventing any form of abuse - indeed it is itself an abuse of rights!.

The forgotten nexus between Arafat, Hizbollah and Iran - past Western delusions recycled again at serious cost to Western security.

Cannabis, violence and psychosis are linked - and the truth of this is vigorously suppressed.

The Royal College of Physicians rigs its own poll to excuse physician-abetted murder.

Barclays is first of the usurers to walk the plank. Judgement will follow wherever they roam.

The bitter death struggle between Rabbinic Jews and the pioneer of spoken Hebrew.

Why, according to senior legal opinion, the attempt to block Brexit now threatens to subvert the entire British constitution.

The mischievous and dirty secret of vocal advocates of 'diversity' and multiculturalism.

First over £10 bn post Brexit deal in bag if only the Government does not fluff the people's mandate - with Israel.

One quarter of all Dutch deaths are now induced by medics, with 100s of patients having no say.

A constitutional outrage - a loser's vote?

Getting off lightly for blasphemy in Pakistan (not).

The main reason for Brexit chaos from a sober and seasoned observer.

A work training video that made me weep at our past inadequacy in this.
Watch it - Seen and Heard.

How to detect and help early signs of child sex abuse.

Children are being treated as tokens - too often their own concerns and needs are sacrificed to political correctness, despite voluminous social science data indicating the risks of adoption by same sex couples or single parents.
Richard Page seeks redress against the highest law officials in the land (aka high priests of PC) on a point of justice, truth and child safety.

The issues could scarcely be more crucial - please pray for his success.

Interpreting the Bible (hermeneutics) is a key contemporary battlefield - with major teachers going astray - be vigilant to cleave to the Lord's will in today's fog (esp from about 20 mins).
Key background
'Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.' (2 Peter.1.20)

Not for the first time - good evidence of extreme, primary anti-Christian bias in the government's 'extremism' watchdog.
Hobbyhorse riding on the wrong agenda.

30 bipartisan truths on WTO exit from the tyrannous, anti-democratic and opaque European Union - where's the detailed rebuttal?
Lord Pearson throws down the gauntlet in the House of Lords.

Wonderful comforts and challenges on the backslidden believer in 4 minutes.

A chilling foretaste of the image of the beast? Erdogan's hologram broadcast adulated

Thousand word pictures - a tough video to watch

Where children play, there predators prey!
What have you done to protect the children you love? There are specialised criminal networks working hard to ensnare the unwary, and anyone with internet access is at risk.
Simple but vital up to date guidance from NCOSE in 2019.

Sextortion Ostrich

WhatsApp is fuelling child porn - best to ban all obscene images, as Tumblr has done.
Porn on line is leading to increasingly serious child on child abuse. Porn kills love.
Some hard but true words about porn and the churches
(The PCA from which the speaker comes is becoming almost as doctrinally corrupt as the UK's Baptist Union but there is no ground for complacency in any church now, as he shows)
Flee fornication - like Joseph did!
God will soon judge starting with hypocrites in the House of 'Faith' (Eze. 9.4-6, 1 Peter 4.17), real mercy and secret cleansing must be found now.
Practical advice on helping brethren and sisters (esp. from the pulpit).

More bioinspiration from creation design - the gecko minibot for Rolls Royce.

William of Ockham would ruthlessly apply his razor to Evolution's myth making.

Infinitely preferable to London's knife and drug youth - Hong Kong's flash mobs! And another delightful surprise!
Though only Christ can redeem from the pits of sin, in which there is no water.

Pray for the brave pastor Wang Yi, his wife and 100 members unlawfully detained by Chinese gangsters acting in the name of the government.
Wang Yi
His nuanced stand will be unwisely taken as direct defiance.

Good news from Israel! The children of the prophets and priests are awakening - future life from the dead for wayward Gentile churches (Rom.11.15).

Christians who use the term 'Post-Christian' are defeatist, unbelieving, in view of the amazing breakthroughs in Israel and Middle East, myopic and given the Lord's gracious promises - blasphemous.
Cease being the generation of the 10 spies!

An astonishing prodigy, virtuosa pianist, violinist and already a remarkably original composer - whom I learned of from my dear mother - Alma Deutscher
Her opera Cinderella is a stellar masterpiece of composition, at 10 yrs old
Pray for her redemption from a life of sin - great gifts also carry immense danger.
May she and her family embrace Felix Mendelssohn's joy and intriguing rebirth!

Historical Adam and Eve: a seminal watershed for theologians - clean or unclean?

Shareholders and employees in BAE, MoD and CFO should hang their heads in shame at their significant contribution to this ghastly conflict, now affecting 12 million Yemenis.
Yemen FamineYemen FamineYemen Famine

25 years in glory - Mehdi Dibaj
Mehdi Dibaj
the luminous Christian Iranian martyr of 1994
- so luminous, the Times writer Bernard Levin gave up his whole column on Jan 18th 1994, to Dibaj's amazing courtroom testimony, after 9 years of cruel torture by the Iranian mullahs for his love and unswerving faithfulness to the Messiah.

A favourite economist of mine, and a man of some consistent principle, wows Oxford students with the unspoken flaws of the Euro, and its deliberate design to cause fiscal crisis (despite his naivities about socialism, the EU, human nature etc etc)

Killing unborn children harms their mothers too


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A lovely example of nuptial devotion

A few hymns
(sorry about the gravelly voice)
The best of all loves!    The True Temple    The impregnable confidence of a true Christian  War hymn


Letter of advice to a newly qualified physician

Some spiritual grit on the slippery path of sufferers of anorexia nervosa

An e mail to Maura Buchanan about the RCN's 'neutrality' on assisted killing

A letter to the President of the GMC about changes in the code of practice

New UK government education campaign: 'Anal sexual intercourse (ASI) causes cancer and can seriously damage your health' -  why the shyness at health promotion?
A wise man concurs
Incidentally, persistent enticement to or compulsion of one's partner to ASI, less delicately but legally called 'buggery', is as much fornication (πορνεία‭) and against nature (παρα φυσιν, Romans 1.26) as its homosexual equivalent and is lawful grounds for divorce (Mt. 5.32).

Letter to a senior colleague on the health effects of institutionally promoting immoral lifestyles as healthy alternatives to a married life

Should idolatry or adultery be recriminalised?      The death penalty for murder - a Biblical duty of the state      Homosexuality - a crowning depravity

Diversity and Conformity at PwC
A Phineas of Poland skewers PricewaterhouseCooper's Workplace Policy:  (Not for the easily offended). Archived here and here

The British National Party exposed - the politics of hate - utterly abhorrent to all true Christians and people of conscience
(Though it is one of the few national parties left which still rebukes sodomy (Lev.19.17).) The EDL is a bird of similar feathers.

Is the Bible homophobic or transphobic? Does the definition of these perversely flexible concepts have any residual validity? Yet 'such were some of you', the gift of repentance.

Selfless love will ultimately endure and conquer all, when every human empire and ideology has long sunk into dust.

Some book reviews
Evolution -the ultimate idolatry>

Worship and adore the Architect of this cathedral - or live forever in sightless ingratitude!

A tiny glimpse of the breathtaking magic garden that is you! (Focus on a few better understood aspects of white cell adhesion and migration out of blood vessels)
Did I really hear you say God doesn't care or notice your sorrows? His Word generated & sustains this marvel entirely and continuously (Col.1.16-7)

  Or for a fuller explanation and narration of this mini-voyage into the every moment nano-glory inside you.

Why ape-human evolution is fairy tale speculation.

Do Darwinists behave like scientists or fanatical religious bigots towards their best critics?
(I also can testify from personal experience of the veracity of this account)

What ugly and bitter fruit Darwinism has borne.

Theistic evolution - Aesop's dog and bone - currying favour with the world and holding Genesis - both will be lost.

Endogenous retroviruses and evolution   (© ARJ, 2009)

(Some background on this old chestnut, and here)

101 solid reasons why the Earth is young

The extraordinary island of Surtsey    'On Surtsey, only a few months sufficed for a landscape to be created which was so varied and mature that it was almost beyond belief.'

More evidence of the Deluge from recent finds in Mongolia - there's still time to take off the blinkers, before it's too late

A complete breakdown of paradigm - yet the herd still trundles on to the intellectual abbatoir

Darwin's challenge fully answered and as yet no defenders will take up his cause - despite my global search (as pdf file, © CMI Australia 2005)

Richard Dawkins' philosophical and somewhat evasive reply
(the article in its original form was also sent to several of the world's most eminent renal physiologists - some wrote back, and expressed interest, but none came up with a better response to its challenge than RD's fudging.)

A response to Shirley Tilghman's 2005 George Romanes Lecture - the heart of the Western malady laid bare

The neo-Darwinist's prayer (satirical doggerel)

An excellent resource for answers to much of the nonsense spouted by supporters of evolution

A classic piece of Papal syncretism with indigenous pagan mythology

More fragments on Evolution


Christian Antisemitism - the spirit level of our time
'Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion
let them be as the grass upon the housetops, which withereth afore it groweth up' 
(The text is properly fulfilled in Heb.12.22)


The Duty of praying for unsaved Israel

Growing Holocaust denial in all its shades (left, right and centre) joins its blood-stained hands with the Nazis - John Mann MP 2019

A rogues gallery of anti-Zionist participants at Christ at the Checkpoint 2016, and why some of their past colleagues are so dangerous. Hamas scholar Abu Sway in attendance.

Some extracts from Martin Luther's utterly shameful and hateful writings, that assisted the Holocaust - what every Protestant should know.

Anti-Zionistic Antisemitism - An open letter to the 'Love the Muslims' newsgroup, after normal dissemination was blocked.

A few arabic texts and the Satanic verses
Other matters Islamic

The cruel and sterile blasphemy of the Tauhid

The Purest Idolatry of All?

Neglected aspects of Islamic worship, the Niqab and sexuality (not suitable for children)

Some helpful food for thought for enquiring Muslims

Why the Qur'an could not be Divine in origin

Copies of the Muslim texts behind Mohammed's 'Satanic verses' and background (easily obtained in Cairo's book fairs)

What kind of fast does God seek? What will He reject?

Obsession - Radical Islam highly reminiscent of Nazism - who dares claim this sink of iniquity is God's holiness?!

Other links between Nazi and Jihadi theology explored - in the writings of
Sayyid Qutb and his heirs

Islamic Child abuse


Writings for Rabbinics

Rambam's leprosy

Uncircumcised together - a shared heritage of unbelief in Rabbinic and Muslim rejection of Torah.

So what is real circumcision?

Refusing Worship of the Divine Similitude is Idolatry

Who appeared to Israel at Sinai?

What is the true essence of Judaism?

The desolate emptiness of Yom Kippur  Whence Antisemitism?

Is the worship of Messiah shirk or idolatry? - reasons why this Rabbinic Jewish and Muslim identification is both lethal and inconsistent with their own roots.


The Question of the Land Covenant

'Which is the glory of all lands' Ezek. 20. 6,15
An obscure question to our eminent forebears, as their confusion testifies,
now an inescapable issue of white hot relevance.

A critical appraisal of the kernel of William Hendriksen's work 'Israel in Prophecy'

Land Covenant - the question stated

A summary of John Owen's view(s) on land covenant

C.H.Spurgeon's position
Anti-dispensational - 'It is a mercy that these absurdities arre revealed one at a time, in order that we may be able to endure their stupidity without dying of amazement'
but for a literal restoration of Jews to their homeland, without dogmatism on whether it preceded or followed repentance.

'We look forward, then, for these two things. I am not going to theorize upon which of them will come first whether they shall be restored first, and converted afterwards or converted first and then restored. They are to be restored and they are to be converted, too.'
Charles Haddon Spurgeon The Restoration And Conversion Of The Jews. Ezekiel 37.1-10, June 16th, 1864

Lord Shaftesbury, Edward Bickersteth, J.C. Ryle, Murray M'Cheyne, John Rippon, Benjamin Keach, Thomas Sibbes, John Gill and Andrew Bonar and an army of other reformed teachers' positions were very similar, some pre-mill, many post-mill, other unpersuaded of literal millennium (like this author) - see Iain Murray's the Puritan Hope for more names and quotes.
Evangelical Apostasy gathers pace
cottonmouth water snake
Hirelings and wolves multiply amongst 'evangelicals'

Why modern ecumenism is cruel, deadly, deceitful and a betrayal of the Lord's precious commands.
Some historical background.

Christianity and Liberalism - a classic study in the polonium of old fashioned 'liberal' infidelity that infects and destroys the wisdom of so many scholars and so many academic institutions, including many that now pretend to be evangelical like Union School of Theology.

Standing apart from evangelicals who actively promote sinful, worldly behaviour, despite correction, is the Lord Jesus' command.

Some context - widespread apostasy an expected precursor to the Lord's return - a message

The Apostolate of Antinomianism - The Gospel Coalition. Tim Keller, John Piper and 'New Calvinist' companions

The sharp end of Satan's wedge - 'new evangelicals' and the 'new hermeneutics' - a serious attack upon the fortress of God's word. Peter Masters gently introduces the background and the problem.
His focus on interpretation and a grave source of error and confusion.

FIEC has traduced its previous faithful stand on Rome and other heresies, with a weak, wordy and ineffectual replacement - (who's in mind JW's?)

Multiplying errors to itself Wales Ecumenical School of Theology   Union School of Theology

An open letter to academic theological faculties - Jannes and Jambre.

Shipwrecks - the FIEC, Affinity, and WEST-Union School of Theology and sharp rocks of ecumenism and decadence already penetrate the hulls of SGA, EMF, Christianity Explored and a host of other Western parachurch bodies.

The collapse of Arab World Ministries and Red Sea Mission

Grace Baptist Mission, liberalism and extreme Polish ecumenism

So called 'New Calvinism' - which is nothing of the kind - a toxic mix of hedonism and antinomianism, with a specious profession of orthodoxy - E S Williams' website

Parachurch Plague

Spurgeon's unmasking of the wolves of the Downgrade - The Case Proved - more relevant now even than then, in 'evangelical' churches

A treasury of other Downgrade documents - crucially relevant to today's appalling compromises.

Documents on WEST and Union School of Theology
Documents on the FIEC
Documents on Affinity
Links to some favourite sites and contact


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Evolution    Rome     EU
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