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EST prides itself on its highly qualified, international and interdenominational faculty composed of educators, laymen and clergy from many churches, including Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopal, Anglican, Catholic, and Evangelical Free.   

Besides those of Polish nationality, there are also teachers from England, the USA, Canada and Germany.  Some of them also lecture at other academic institutions, from the University of Wroclaw to seminaries in other countries.  They are active in research and publication in their areas of study.

They are actively involved in their churches, as well as various other Christian organizations.

Lech Bekesza D.Min.

Courses: Homiletics

Lech was born in Wroclaw. After immigrating to Canada in 1982, he completed a Bachelor of Christian Education at the Briercrest Schools and a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy at the University of Waterloo.  He received a Master of Arts in philosophy from the University of Alberta, and a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Western University.  Lech completed his doctoral studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary under the mentorship of Dr. Haddon Robinson.  For the past 13 years, he is the pastor of the Cobble Hill Baptist Church on Vancouver Island.  Lech is a member of the Evangelical Homiletics Society and also the founder and director of the Biblical Preaching Society (  He teaches Systematic Theology and Homiletics for ACTS, Briercrest Schools, and WBST.  Paulina and Lech have three children: Rachel, Abigail and Levi.


Izabela Bućkowska Th.M.

Courses: History of Israel and Introduction to the Old Testament.

Izabela is a graduate of EST and joined the faculty in 1999. She teaches History of Israel, Introduction to OT; Theology of Psalms and Wisdom Literature and basic Hebrew. She then studied for and was awarded a Th.M. degree from the Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw in 2001. Her academic interests are in the area of OT wisdom literature and rabbinic literature and in 2004 she began her doctoral studies. Her husband is Marcin and they have one daughter.

Joel Burnell Ph.D.

Courses: Systematic Theology and New Testament Theology.

Joel is from Oregon and graduated from Oregon State University (Corvallis) in 1977 with a B.S. in chemistry. After his studies, he served 18 years on staff with Campus Crusade. For ten of those years he served in Poland among students in Krakow and Warsaw. In 1992, he graduated with honors from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and received a Master of Divinity degree in missions and a year later a Th.M. in theology. In 1993, he was ordained as a pastor in the First Conservative Baptist Church in Roseburg, Oregon and joined the faculty of EST that same year. In 1999 he began his doctoral studies at the Open University in England and defended his doctoral dissertation in 2006 at All Nations Christian College. His wife is Renata and they have three children.


Malcolm (Marek) Clegg Th.M.
Courses: Christian Life, Bible Study Methods, Introduction to Missions

Malcolm is from Great Britain and a graduate of the Universities of Sheffield and Reading. Since 1981, he has been actively involved in missions in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. He is the Director of the Polish mission organization, Mission to the East and also President of the Christian Educational Association of Poland running three schools and an educational center. He is on the board of Youth for Christ Poland, and coordinates a network of initiatives -Central Eurasian Partners. He and his wife, Ania, have an extensive teaching and counseling ministry. They have three children.

Andreas Hahn Ph.D.

Course: Systematic Theology, Elements of Roman Catholic Theology, Introduction to Evangelicalism

Andreas grew up in Germany not far from Frankfurt/Main. He graduated from the "Theologische Hochschule" in Basle, Switzerland, in 1990 and then he served as a pastor in the Swiss Free Evangelical Church. In 2005, he defended his doctoral dissertation at the "Evangelical Theological Faculty" in Leuven, Belgium. Andreas joined the faculty of EST in 2001. Since then he has also been involved in various ministries in the Polish Free Evangelical Church (Kościół Ewangelicznych Chrześcijan). His wife is Astrid and they have four children.


Wojciech Kowalewski Ph.D.

Courses: Pastoral Theology, Missiology

Wojciech is a graduate of the Baptist Seminary in Warsaw (1997) as well as of the University of Wales in Cardiff where he received his MA in Theology in Christian Doctrine (1999) and his PhD in 2003.  His dissertation was on the topic of practical theology.  He has been a lecturer at EWST since 2005, and also teaches at WBST (Religious Studies and Cultural Anthropology).  Wojciech is a pastor at the Second Baptist Church of Wroclaw.  His wife is Agnieszka.


Piotr Lorek Ph.D.

Courses: Introduction to the New Testament, Theology of the New Testament

Piotr is a graduate of EST (1999), University of Glamorgan (2000) and University of Wales (2004). In August 2003 Piotr joined the faculty of EST. In February 2004, Piotr defended his Ph.D. thesis in the field of biblical theology at the University of Wales. Piotr was the Director of Biblical Studies at EST from 2005 to 2006 and in 2007 he became the Academic Dean. His wife is Alina.

Janusz T. Maciuszko Ph.D.

Courses: Church History, History of Doctrines

Janusz Maciuszko specializes in the history of the church and religion. He is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Christian Theology, and of the University of Warsaw where he received his doctorate in History.  Since 1988 he has taught at the Academy of Christian Theology, and he also lectures at the University of Warsaw Institute of History. His academic interests include the history and theology of the Reformation as well as the relationship between religion, culture, and society.

Christie Murphy

Courses: English

Christie is from the U.S. and has a BA from Florida Bible College, as well as a Diploma in Teaching English to Adults from Cambridge University Local Examinations Syndicate.  She has taught English in Wroclaw since 1989 and at EST since 2005.

Christie also is a freelance teacher trainer with International Training Network in Bournemouth, UK, where cross-cultural Christian workers can become qualified English teachers.

Elżbieta, Krzysztof Pawłusiów

Courses: General Psychology

Elżbieta is a psychologist and Christian counselor. She graduated with a M.A. degree in clinical psychology and after that completed several courses in Poland and abroad. For many years she worked with medical patients and their families in Wroclaw hospitals; she also sees clients in her private practice. For several years she has been involved in leading courses and seminars in the area of Christian counseling in various evangelical churches in Poland.

Krzysztof is a graduate of Zion Bible Institute and TCM International Institute (Master of Arts in Practical Ministry). For over a decade he has worked in Christian Bible Institute in Warsaw as a coordinator of Training for Lay Family Counseling courses. He is also a translator and a member of the team that organizes Christian Counseling Forum conferences.
Currently Elżbieta and Krzysztof are working together in leading seminars and workshops in churches and Christian organizations throughout Poland.

Wojciech Szczerba Ph.D.

Courses: Introduction to New Testament I&II, Romans and Galatians, and New Testament Exegesis

Wojtek is a graduate of EST (1994) and Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw (1996). In 2000 he completed his Ph.D. in Patristics at the University of Wroclaw. His wife is Magdalena and they have one daughter.

Sławomir Torbus Ph.D.

Courses: Greek, Latin, and New Testament Exegesis..

Slawek is a former student of EST and a graduate of the Institute of Classical Philology and Ancient Culture at the University of Wroclaw. Slawek began teaching at EST in 2000. He received his doctorate from the University of Wrocław in 2004. He specializes in rhetorical analysis of the Pauline letters. His wife is Aneta and they have one son and one daughter.

Jacek Zieliński Ph.D.

Course: Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology

Jacek is a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Wroclaw (1993, philosophy) and Papal Theological Faculty (1994). In 1997 Jacek defended his doctoral dissertation on Hellenist and early Christian philosophy at the University of Wroclaw. His wife is Katarzyna and they have two daughters.

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