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'For to me to live is Messiah, die is gain'     (Phil. 1.21)

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Some writings for perusal
Theological - Queen of the Sciences 

The Sacred Name

The glorious Son - the Fountain of life
For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me the fountain of living waters,
and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water. (Jer.2.13)

All the things you desire are not to be compared to her.  

  Is the worship of Messiah shirk or idolatry? - reasons why this Rabbinic Jewish and Muslim identification is both lethal and inconsistent with their own roots. 

  Uncircumcised together - a shared heritage of unbelief in Rabbinic and Muslim rejection of Torah.    So what is real circumcision? 

The error of Simplicity             The seal of attestation - a short list of some key prophecies about the Messiah Yehoshua
'O fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have written!'

The price of our peace       What is the true essence of Judaism?           The desolate emptiness of Yom Kippur        Whence Anti-Semitism?

  Seven serious spiritual wounds from sex outside of marriage - a vicious snare of our age     Modesty a sacred and rare jewel
How shall the youth cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your Word. (Ps.119.9)       

  How can we know the Bible is indeed God's very word?

5 golden rings – precious promises for a young believer       The indestructible confidence of a small sparrow

Does the Bible translation we use matter?    Serious heresy in many modern translations

 Are images, plays or films of Christ a violation of the Second Commandment?        In Arabic

The Name of God (The Third Command and the Messiah)        The Chief Root Of Wisdom

  Multiplying errors to itself: Wales Ecumenical School of Theology  Parachurch plague

An open letter to academic theological faculties - Jannes and Jambre.

 Is contemporary music a help or a hindrance to true worship? (David Cloud)  The importance of discreet secondary separation. (Peter Masters)

The iniquity of taking interest - a 5 century old fountain of our global financial mess.     Should Christians or churches ever plan to borrow?
'Our laws are shamefully full of encouragement to credit'
'Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth! I have neither lent on usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; yet every one of them doth curse me.' (Jer 15:10)

Spiritual satnav                      The neglected sword of Goliath                Gods of this age

Should idolatry or adultery be recriminalised?      The death penalty for murder - a Biblical duty of the state      Homosexuality - a crowning depravity

  Some other papers (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal)


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 Novelties and contemporary


A sure sign the Lord's appearing is drawing close - the Jewish desire to build the Third Temple is more intense than ever

Can someone who has broken their marriage vows or induced another to do so ever be trusted to keep any serious commitment?
'Marriage is honourable in all and the bed undefiled, but fornciators and adulterers God will judge'
If breach of contract is a criminal offence, how much more serious violating the Divine Institution of Holy Matrimony?
'For this is an heinous crime; yea, it is an iniquity to be punished by the judges.'
3 psalms of mercy and spiritual washing for a penitent: 32, 51, 130.

Yet our evil generation is like the adulteress, not recognising the enormity of her guilt, or her great need of cleansing:
'Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.'

The Bible vindicated again and again by archaeology- far more extensively and in specific detail than most lay critics appreciate.
Let God be true and every man a liar. For the scripture cannot be broken.

An impending collapse of mainstream evangelical resistance to the sinfulness of homosexuality is spearheaded amongst others by the True Freedom Trust
Ex-thieves don't boast of their ongoing temptation to theft, they become givers, 'such were some of you'  - there are no 'gay Christians as there are no 'Christian thieves' or 'Christian adulterers'. That is those who habitually practice such wickednesses.

Alex Salmond presses the throttle down on full promotion of LGBT in an independent Scotland - now Christians must vote 'agin. (h/t Christian Voice)

You shall know a tree by its fruit - radical Islam, radical evil, moderate Islam, moderate evil.
Cameron's attempt to excommunicate ISIL by fatwa is doomed to fail - its proponents rightly claim they are only following their master's gruesome example.
However every innocent hostage's execution is another fatal wound for Islam as a whole.
Nonetheless the UK's far stronger enemy remains not in radical Islam but in self love, idolatry and covetousness.
David Haines in memoriam

The Muslim Council of Britain claims "That extremists chose to murder [DH] only shows once again the depravity of their warped ideology. They have killed so many innocent people in the region, and they perform such murders only to draw attention to their cause of destruction.”..."there is nothing in our faith that condones such behaviour"
Who then was it who incited these murders?

1) Ibn Sunayna, a Jewish man who was murdered because he was simply a Jew
2) Abu Afak, a 120-year-old man, murdered while he slept
3) Asma Marwan, mother of 5 children, murdered while she slept
4) A slave woman, mother of two children, murdered while she slept
5) A one-eyed shepherd, murdered while he slept
6) A very old woman, literally ripped in half by Muslims who captured her on a raid.
7) A slave girl, who was murdered because she poked fun at Muhammad.

'Easy divorce' leaves very similar scars on the children. God hates divorce, except in specific circumstances it is unjustified.
Married couples' children more likely to be 'confident, kind, sympathetic and responsible' DfE study.
But each parent (whether lone, unmarried or married) especially needs God's help and wisdom in this uniquely dangerous generation for young hearts.

A sweet but contemporary diversion from the horrors of the UK's progressive collapse into sin. Rotherham again shows the utter bankruptcy of state run 'replacements' for the family's collapse.
Who may abide the Day of His coming? For He is like a refiner's fire.
Malachi spoke of the Messiah, YHVH in the flesh, at His first appearing in Jerusalem, but glimpses His second certain advent.

Citizenship was a privilege to be cherished and improved not a right to be abused in Rome, Athens and other countries.
Why shouldn't a convicted murderer in cold blood of civilians or rapists, let alone the malignant mafiosi of the 'Islamic State' be rendered stateless? Laws and treaties need changing to reflect 21st century realities. Why not give them up to the citizenship they have sought - this cruel and barbaric anarchy?
Can there be anything much more hideous than a citizen treacherously fighting with malice and cruelty the state that nurtured and raised him?
Or are we doomed, like Obama and Cameron, always to be years behind the curve in reacting to this devilish jihad of Cain?

Evolutionists red in tooth and claw - Dawkins' murderous call to abort all Down's children.
This man should be in prison. It is of a piece with his previous eugenics and that of the Nazis and other radical evolutionists before.

ISIS is throwing stones in a glass house by killing 'idolators' (and such a house!)

The Government's real Trojan Horse behind the 'Trojan Horse' affair is enforcing LGBT on schools!

Shameless Stonewall goes for the under 5s - same-sex parents in nursery books - then compelled?

The ISIS flag is flying in London - promoting genocide comes to the UK, and as yet the Met does little.
What mindless hypocrisy there is among 'supporters' of Gaza not to protest this.

The casualties in Gaza were not predominantly civilian - an analysis of the casualty figures shows.

Guardian ad
The ad was rejected by the Times.  Of course, the ad is not strictly correct, nor was it in AD 70, when the Temple was destroyed.
Gentiles also often being guilty of similar enormities, and all the more so now - for example, 7 million unborn in the UK for the Molech of unbridled passion since 1967.

The real problem in Gaza is not Hamas it's UNRWA - the recipient of billions of dollars of Western aid.

9 important things about Hamas (h/t RPP)
9 important things about 'transgender' issues

An UNRWA clinic designed to be packed with explosives.

UNRWA's quite used to lying - big time - yet it's still treated as an unimpeachable source.
Col Richard Kemp on Gaza's civilian death rate

Al Manar School Zeitoun

With US and EU backing, Hamas will win (in the short term).
Lengthy but detailed analysis of the US position

2 Hospitals - 2 worldviews.

Hamas' war crimes - Israel does not violate international law when it strikes back at enemy combatants abusing civilian facilities.
Hamas' proven duplicity makes UNRWA a legitimate target (though not a desirable one)

'Turning a blind eye' an Arab journalist trashes the selective reporting of many of his timorous and tendentious Western collesgues.
The early tweets about the al-Shifa and Shatis refugee camp prove his case amply. There's also self-censorship. Many media sources unreliable on events on ground in Gaza, and need testing carefully.
The lack of retrospective apology or correction is a strong indication of malice.
Journalist perception
An open letter to the twits at the Lancet - although I disagree with the authors the journal isn't much use for updates these days.

Hamas wants to annihilate Israel completely and will sacrifice everything to do it - this is not the IRA
, FARC or ETA.

The Beit Hanoun school children were not killed by Israel, IDF reports after painstaking investigation.
The BBC's woefully partisan reporting on this episode.

15 seconds?

IDF drone videos: Sunday 27/7 Firing missiles from inside Abu Nur School in Gaza and from a graveyard near homes.

An institution near you?  The gravy train steams on.
A common sight in Egypt is becoming more familiar in the UK
The VA was a world class administration after the 1990s shake up, a model of efficiency with modest means.
Its reformer and former administrator, Kenneth Kizer, accuses it after recent fraudulent scandal, of falling prey to:
Unfocused and cumbersome performance-measurement programs, an increasingly centralized 'control' of care delivery and an associated increase in bureaucracy
(central admin staff rose from about 800 in the late 1990s to nearly 11,000 in 2012).

Disproportionate in law or dubious double standards?

UNRWA is not a reliable source, more a beaten housewife, and it feeds rumour mills which are uncritically echoed by credulous mainstream Western sources
Hamas' press liaison office is inside Al Shifa' Hospital in Gaza
Threatening journalist off-message reports is commonplace in Gaza.
UNRWA now acknowledges 1/ numerous missiles were stored inside 2 of its schools 2/ they returned these missiles to Hamas to shoot at civilians. A violation of international law?
A third UNRWA school is an ammunition depot - and UNRWA didn't know?

UNRWA is again caught lying about the 2 hour evacuation of the Beit Hanun School - I too have found Chris Gunness economical with the truth in correspondence.
Yet journalists still trust UNRWA as a primary source - why?

Former commander of British Forces in Afghanistan verdict on War Crimes in Gaza.
'Those who condemn Israel’s necessary and just war give succour to Hamas, a proscribed terrorist group'

Goldstone-like tunnel vision.

An estimated civilian/combatant death rate of 1:1 - far better than Afghanistian or Iraq.

170,000 victims of FGM in the UK, at least 4000 treated by the NHS for the harmful consequences in London alone.

Compassionate reproof?Incitement to hate in NYC
The UK Anti-Terror Watchdog shows false teeth. He suggests, in the light of the Snowden revelations UK anti-terror law is too tough and too broad.
Meanwhile Londonistan is still thriving.

The acute danger of immoral 'moral equivalence' - primarily to its host countries

With European Anti-Zionism, levels of malice and prejudice towards Jews are reaching dangerously toxic levels - two commentators describe it clearly: MP SH
'Since the beginning of the year, anti-Jewish violence and intimidation in France has reached levels not seen since the Holocaust.'
Elder of ZionElder of Zion
One small, short range Gazan rocket killed 30 cows - it's only assiduous 24/7 care that prevents Hamas doing the same to Israelis
30 Cows near Gaza

Known 1:1 combatant/civilian ration so far, an unprecedented ratio in other similar wars.
'1)  72 terrorist operatives:
A.     35 Hamas operatives(most of them from its military-terrorist wing)
B.     27 PIJ operatives
C.     Ten operatives from other terrorist organizations 
2)   80 non-involved Palestinians
3)   41 Palestinians whose identity still cannot be ascertained.' Update

The wrong kind of fasting - fasting is important, but a bad fast is worse then none.

So much of the trouble in the Middle East comes from jealousy or hatred of the Jews and a complacent pandering to it.
Love Palestine or hate Israel?
Real lovers of Palestinians don't hate Israel. (Nor do they ignore their plight in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon or even Egypt because no Jews are involved)

Yet more psychotic Muslim libels about Passover bread and children's blood. This time from the PA - Israel's 'peace partners'.

'Solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict,' says Prime Minister Harper. 'Canada is unequivocally behind Israel.'
Shame on the rest of the West for its equivocation with unequivocal injustice.

David Cameron's enthusiastic propagation of Gay marriage and lewd LGBT Pride worldwide. The doctrine is abhorrent. His party not to be trusted.
No wonder Westminster has become a human cesspool.

Dr Death (UK) urges his colleagues to break the 6th Commandment. So does the old Archbishop!

'Israel is a type of the world' - only as much as the visible church is - and only absolutely to those prepared to cherry-pick texts to condemn her and inconsistently reserve texts that speak of her grace to the Gentiles - this position is the quintessence of Replacement Theology, which has been the root of many recent evils, and which the Apostle strongly warns against. (Rom.11.18-24).
After all, Israel is also embodied in Christ.

C H Spurgeon exegeting Ezekiel 37 put it this way:
'The way in which Israel shall be saved is the same by which any one individual sinner shall be saved. It is not, however, the one case which the prophet is aiming at; he is looking at the vast mass of cases,
the multitudes of instances to be found among the Jewish people, of gracious quickening and holy resurrection. His first and primary intention was to speak of them, and though it is right and lawful to take a passage in its widest possible meaning, yet I hold it to be treason to God’s Word to neglect its primary meaning*. The preacher of God’s truth should not give up the Holy Spirit’s meaning; he should take care that he does not even put it in the background.'

*The expression is here colourful, but excessively severe. It is however noteworthy that this practice has been the special forte of largely liberal churches.
William Hechler
For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and without teraphim:
afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the Lord their God, and David their king; and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days.
” Hosea 3:4-5


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A lovely example of nuptial devotion

A few hymns
(sorry about the gravelly voice)

The best of all loves!  The True Temple
  &  The impregnable confidence of a true Christian  & The war hymn


Letter of advice to a newly qualified physician

An e mail to Maura Buchanan about the RCN's newfound 'neutrality' on assisted killing 

A letter to the President of the GMC about changes in the code of practice

New UK government education campaign: 'Anal sex causes cancer, can seriously damage your health and may kill you quicker than tobacco' -  why the shyness at health promotion?

  Letter to a senior colleague on the health effects of institutionally promoting immoral lifestyles as healthy alternatives to a married life 

The British National Party exposed - the politics of hate - utterly abhorrent to all true Christians and people of conscience 
(Though it is one of the few national parties left which still rebukes sodomy (Lev.19.17).) The EDL is a bird of similar feathers.

Is the Bible homophobic? Does the definition of this perversely flexible concept have any residual validity? Yet 'such were some of you', the gift of repentance.

A corrupt, world beating oligarchy - 100 stunning acts of the EU commission (epic waste and fraud on an impressively continental  scale) - who voted for this? 

Selfless love will ultimately endure and conquer all, when every human empire and ideology has long sunk into dust.

3 Shipwrecks - the FIEC, Affinity and WEST,
and sharp rocks of ecumenism and decadence already penetrate SGA, EMF, Christianity Explored and a host of other Western parachurch bodies.
Wycliffe Bible Translators and Navigators are here, as elsewhere, already deeply compromised.

West logo

   The collapse of Arab World Ministries 

Some book reviews


Evolution -the ultimate idolatry

Worship and adore the Architect of this cathedral - or live forever in sightless ingratitude!
  Or join us in this mini-voyage into nano-glory.

Do Darwinists behave like scientists or fanatical religious bigots towards their critics?

(I also can testify from personal experience of the veracity of this account)

The oft repeated nonsense that human body has the same components as seawater

   Endogenous retroviruses and evolution   (© ARJ, 2009)

(Some background on this old chestnut, and here)

101 solid reasons why the Earth is young 

The extraordinary island of Surtsey    'On Surtsey, only a few months sufficed for a landscape to be created which was so varied and mature that it was almost beyond belief.'

More evidence of the Deluge from recent finds in Mongolia - there's still time to take off the blinkers, before it's too late

An unmet response to Darwin's challenge (as pdf file, © CMI Australia 2005)
          Richard Dawkins' philosophical reply
(the article in its original form was also sent to several of the world's most eminent renal physiologists - some wrote back, none came up with a better response than RD's fudging.)

  A response to Shirley Tilghman’s 2005 George Romanes Lecture

The neo-Darwinist’s prayer (satirical doggerel)

An excellent resource for answers to much of the nonsense spouted by supporters of evolution 

 Australia's School Board shuts down debate - closes its eyes and hopes for night 

A classic piece of Papal syncretism with indigenous pagan mythology        More on Evolution


Christian Anti-Semitism - the plumbline of our time


'Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion
let them be as the grass upon the housetops, which withereth afore it groweth up' 
(The text is properly fulfilled in Heb.12.22)

A rogues gallery of anti-Zionist participants at Christ at the Checkpoint 2014, and why some are so dangerous.

Some extracts from Martin Luther's utterly shameful and hateful writings, that assisted the Holocaust - what every Protestant should know.

     Neglected aspects of Islamic worship, the Niqab and sexuality (not suitable for children) 

Some helpful food for thought for enquiring Muslims

  Why the Qur'an could not be Divine in origin  

Copies of the Muslim texts behind Mohammed's 'Satanic verses' and background (easily obtained in Cairo's book fairs)

  What kind of fast does God seek? What will He reject?  

 Obsession  - a link to the trailer: Radical Islam highly reminiscent of Nazism - who dares claim this sink of iniquity is God's holiness?!


The Question of the Land Covenant

'Which is the glory of all lands' Ezek. 20. 6,15

An obscure question to our eminent forebears, as their confusion testifies,
now an inescapable issue of white hot relevance. 

A critical appraisal of the kernel of William Hendriksen’s ‘Israel in Prophecy’

Land Covenant - the question stated

A summary of John Owen's view(s) on land covenant

C.H. Spurgeon's position
Anti-dispensational - 'It is a mercy that these absurdities are revealed one at a time, in order that we may be able to endure their stupidity without dying of amazement'
but for a literal restoration of Jews to their homeland. J.C. Ryle, Murray M'Cheyne and Andrew Bonar and an army of other reformed teachers' positions were similar